Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Canoe Launch and A New Boat House

The Des Plaines River Marathon is less than a month away and with flooded waterways, finding a training site took awhile. Our first choice is the Rockwell launch point on the Chicago Canal. It's usually the least affected by flooding. But to our surprise, the new boat house, designed by Jean Gang was under construction and the ramp was all torn up. We were shooed out and told it would be completed in July. Can't wait! 
So we tried the Oakton launch site further north on the Canal but alas, Loyola University was hosting a Sculling competition and again, we were shooed out. We ended up at the Skokie Lagoons and had an uneventful launch and a lovely two hour paddle.

I have not been posting much because I'm working furiously away at creating 8 new pieces for my new art project Manufactured River. I'm looking around for a venue for an opening and stitching away. I'll post some sketches soon! Happy Spring everyone. It's finally arrived here in Chicago.


Laura said...

Some day Lindsay I'll have a canoe and do this too..but till then I have a go around at my parents place in WI.

Lindsay said...

There are some great canoe rental places on the Wisconsin river. Spring Green has a great canoe trail I hear.
You will love it!