Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Manufactured River: Getting the Message Out

Colonial Stalked Ciliate
Textiles and embellishments
See new art work here

Normally, January is a time for me to kick back a bit and take a breather from teaching. But this month, I've been hard at work preparing work for the March WATERCON conference for water professionals in Springfield, Illinois. My work will be featured in the opening ceremonies and I'm so excited.

I am delighted to say that Chicago Art Source has six of my drawings, including three new ones on exhibit until March 31. Please come and see this beautiful group show.

If you are free today, January 16th, at 1PM  #landscapechat  has asked me to guest host  their Water Wednesday show. Martha Golea   has written a lovely article about my work titled:    The Calling of an Artist

Sandra Postel is a passionate researcher and advocate for water conservation. She is the director of
Global Water Policy Project. She inspires me to continue my work and I'd like to share this video about her with you.

Here is her article for National Geographic
Grabbing at Solutions: Water for the Hungry First

You can see more of Sandra Postel's book on Amazon.

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