Sunday, December 02, 2012

Manufactured River- Inspiration for Bio Solids

This last week Craig and I took a hike at the beautiful Fort Sheridan Park in Lake Forest, IL. I’m looking of inspiration for the third bio solids* piece and found this beautiful image of the field, nearby woods and the color of Lake Michigan in the background. Looking for ways to tie the water we use , the land we live off of and the cycle of nutrients is always on my mind.

* Bio solids are defined below

Here is a  page from my sketchbook using watercolor and gold paint. I will express this using stitches.

So what exactly are bio solids?
Bio solids are a beneficial byproduct of waste water treatment. These are the solids that settle out after the water is treated. Creating bio solids is a  highly technical process but long story short;  bio solids are a remarkable material we can use to enrich the soil with nutrients removed through farming, improve soil tilth and provide structure to soil. In short, bio solids are black gold and this is the message  I want to embed in my art.

Many of you have been kind enough to pass my Kickstarter link link along to friends. Together we are going to bring this arty message about waste water and its value to our friends and neighbors.   I’ll keep updating you on the progress of the project and the work I am making.  Until next time.....

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