Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anne Griffiths- Textile Artist

Almost Blue I
Anne Griffiths is an artist whose work I found while researching machine embroidery techniques for my current project . (All images are used with her permission.)  Several aspects of her work inspire me. She specializes in textile techniques on transparent fabrics. It takes a light and sensitive touch to work this way and her skillful handling of materials is evident in the above piece. She also collaborates with scientists to create work based on their work. The third thing I admire about her work is her rigorous sketchbook work. The investment of time she places in her sketchbook pays off in the experimental richness of her work. 

Talking Threads interviewed Anne and in it you can get a feel for her teaching style and get a good look at her sketchbook. You can follow the links at the bottom of the post for more information about her work and classes.

Anamnesis Wall Panel

Artist's Statement:
"I specialise in working with transparent materials, embellished with machine stitch and paint, sometimes combined with heavier materials, such as acrylic or metal to create durable pieces. My starting points are often a word or quotation that demands visual representation.
"Liminal" is a word and a state, that fascinates me and my first body of work explored the ambiguity and tension in the boundaries between fibres in woven fabrics.
Inspired by my residency at Diamond Light Source, I investigated a number of scientific projects involving iron and completed a of series sculptural pieces entitled "Anamnesis". In this work, the memory of materials are imprinted on cloth, this could be the patterns formed by magnetic fields, the prints made by rusting materials or the stains from iron pigments.
For my last exhibiiton I returned to "Liminality", and nowhere in literature is there a better starting point than Lewis Carrol's "Alice in Wonderland". Where to enter the betweenity of Alice's Wonderland, you must follow the White Rabbit, falling down into the dreamworld of the Red Queen and the Cheshire Cat."

You can see more of Anne Griffiths work here 

And she has developed a distance learning course you can read more about here

Here is yet another UK textile artist working vigorously with her sketchbook

I'm looking into taking a distance embroidery class with Distant Stitch after missing out on a workshop with Dorothy Caldwell. It filled very quickly.

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